Ultrasound-guided injection การฉีดยาโดยใช้อัลตราซาวด์นำทาง

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"Ultrasound-guided injection is a technique where ultrasound imaging is used to locate the precise site for injecting medication.

Traditional injections often rely on palpation to find the injection site, which can sometimes result in inaccurate treatment. Nowadays, ultrasound machines, originally used to detect abnormalities in the body, are employed to guide injections, enhancing accuracy and effectiveness in treatment."

Benefits of Ultrasound-Guided Injections

1. Helps Avoid Critical Structures: Using ultrasound allows us to see the exact location of the target area for injection and the critical structures to avoid, such as lungs and blood vessels. This makes the injection process significantly safer.

2. No Harmful Radiation: Ultrasound does not involve any harmful radiation, making it a safe procedure for the body.

3. Improved Accuracy: Ultrasound helps visualize the target area and the needle being used for the injection, ensuring that the injection is accurate and precisely targeted.

4. Increased Accuracy: Ultrasound-guided injections can achieve an accuracy of 95-100%. According to comparative data, ultrasound guidance significantly enhances the precision of injections.

In summary, ultrasound-guided injections:

Help avoid critical structures such as lungs and blood vessels.
Do not involve harmful radiation.
Enhance visualization of the injection site, leading to higher accuracy and precision.

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