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Vasu Kanjanahuttakit, M.D., FIPP, CIPS
provides treatment for various types of pain, including: muscle pain, neuropathic pain, bone and joint pain. We emphasize on healing-without-surgery by using a wide range of non-invasive methods. With our specialist holding certifications in both Orthopedic Surgery and Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, we are able to combine the perspectives from both sciences and tailor an approach that is most suitable for the patient.  A team of physiotherapists are also on-site as part of our non-invasive treatment repertoire. In an event that surgery is determined to be necessary, we are able to provide continuous care through the process, from pre- to post-operation, to enable the patient to transition to the normal and pain-free way of life again.


Anchalee Jiravanichkul, M.D., CIPS

The pain symptoms can arise from various causes. For example, back pain may result from muscle strain, sacroiliac joint, facet joint or herniated disc. Diagnosing the cause of pain should begin with a medical history and physical examination in order to identify the specific location of the pain generator.

At Vasu Pain Management, we use ultrasound to localize the cause of pain and perform pain intervention, increasing accuracy and safety in pain management procedures for more effective pain relief.

   Orthopedic Surgery
  Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation 
  Pain School International 
 Budapest, Hungary
   Diploma in Interventional Pain Medicine
Korea University
   Fellow of Interventional Pain Practice (FIPP) 
World Institute of Pain (WIP)
   Certified Interventional Pain Sonologist (CIPS)  
World Institute of Pain (WIP)
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Radiofrequency Ablation
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เครื่องมือกายภาพบำบัด EMTT คลื่นสนามแม่เหล็กความถี่สูง
เครื่องมือทางกายภาพบำบัด RF (Fisiowarm)
เครื่องมือกายภาพบำบัด Peripheral Magnetic Stimulation (PMS)
เครื่องมือกายภาพบำบัด Focus Shock Wave
เครื่องมือกายภาพบำบัด High Power Laser
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