Low Back Pain ปวดหลังร้าวลงขา

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Symptoms of lower back pain radiating to the leg may result from disc herniation, which cause inflammation of the nerve. This leads to pain traveling down the leg along the path of the affected nerves. Generally, it's not a severe condition unless there are signs of weakness or difficulty controlling urination or defecation. However, the pain can be disruptive to daily life.


Treatment typically begins with a medical history and physical examination to identify the cause of the back pain. If the pain is attributed to disc herniation, physical therapy may be tried. However, if physical therapy has been ineffective and surgery is not desired, Transforaminal Epidural Steroid Injection (TESI) is an option for reducing pain in these patients. TESI involves injecting steroids into the spinal foramen to alleviate pain and inflammation.

At Vasu Pain Management, The Transforaminal Epidural Steroid Injection (TFESI) is performed in a standard operating room equipped with fluoroscopy guidance. This ensures precise targeting of the injection site. The procedure takes approximately 30-40 minutes, during which a local anesthetic is administered to minimize discomfort. Patients can typically return home shortly after the procedure.

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