Cervical Radiculopathy ปวดคอร้าวลงแขน

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Cervical radiculopathy is a condition where the roots of the nerves in the neck are compressed, pinched, or inflamed.

Cervical radiculopathy can occur when the cushions between the bones in the neck deteriorate, causing them to move and compress the nerves.

Cervical radiculopathy can cause chronic neck pain and radiating pain along the path of the affected nerve. For example, if the nerve at the level of C6 is compressed, it can lead to neck pain radiating down to the thumb and index finger.

The risk factors for cervical radiculopathy include prolonged abnormal neck posture, such as excessive forward bending of the neck, which is often found in individuals with office syndrome and chronic neck pain.

Other risk factors include aging, a history of previous neck injuries that may have led to degeneration of the cervical spine, and certain occupations or activities that involve repetitive neck motions or heavy lifting.

Treatment options for cervical radiculopathy at Vasu Pain Management include non-surgical interventions such as Selective Nerve Root Block (SNRB). SNRB involves injecting anti-inflammatory medication directly into the nerve root to alleviate inflammation and pain. This treatment is suitable for individuals experiencing radiating arm pain without weakness, and who can still perform daily activities like grasping objects and walking normally.

Treating cervical radiculopathy using ultrasound-guided techniques offers several benefits. It helps reduce inflammation of the compressed nerve root, ensuring a safer and more precise administration of medication. Additionally, this approach often yields clearer treatment outcomes, allowing for more effective pain relief and improved function.

The picture showing Selective Nerve Root Block (SNRB) at 6th cervical nerve root.

The picture showing Selective Nerve Root Block (SNRB) at 5Th cervical nerve root. Which is an effective method for reducing inflammation and pain. Using ultrasound-guided techniques, we can accurately locate the nerve root and precisely inject the medication. This enhances the accuracy and safety of the treatment, leading to effective relief of inflammation and pain.







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