Ultrasound Guided Trigger Finger Release สะกิดนิ้วล็อค

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สะกิดนิ้วล็อคแผลเล็ก เจ็บน้อย ฟื้นตัวไว


What is Ultrasound Guided Trigger Finger Release

Ultrasound Guided Trigger Finger Release is using a needle to release the tight fascia around the tendon sheath. By using ultrasound imaging, the physician can accurately guide the needle to the affected area and gently release the fascia, allowing the locked finger to move more freely. This minimally invasive technique helps improve finger movement and reduce pain.

The image shows the use of a needle to release fascia guided by ultrasound. The ultrasound provides a clear view of the needle and the position of the tendon.

The images show the results before and after the procedure. After treatment, there is a noticeable improvement in finger movement. A small incision at the base of the finger is visible, which will recover for a short period.

This treatment involves a minimally invasive procedure with a small incision, resulting in less pain and quicker recovery. Using ultrasound guidance ensures precision and effectiveness in releasing the tight fascia causing the trigger finger.

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