Chronic neck pain ปวดคอ บ่า ไหล่ เรื้อรัง

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Chronic neck and shoulder pain does not respond to treatment may be because the pain is not solely due to muscular problem.

Chronic neck and shoulder pain may be caused by facet joint issues. If these have not been treated, the pain is likely to persist.

Facet joints are the joints at the posterior side of the vertebrae. If there is degeneration, it can cause chronic neck and shoulder pain. This degeneration often results from prolonged abnormal posture.

Symptoms of pain originating from facet joints include:

- Pain along the back of the cervical spine, possibly radiating to the base of the skull.
- Often accompanied by a history of neck injury or trauma.
- Headaches that worsen with neck movement.
- Tender and painful area directly over the facet joints.
- These symptoms are characteristic of facet joint dysfunction or degeneration, commonly associated with chronic neck pain.

Comparison of Facet Joints: Normal vs. Degenerated

At Vasu Pain Management, we treat pain originating from facet joints by administering injections to inhibit the nerve that supplies these joints by using ultrasound guidance to accurately navigate during the procedure.

Injecting medication to inhibit the nerve supplying the facet joints helps in diagnosing and treating neck pain originating from facet joints.

         - Using ultrasound-guided injections of anti-inflammatory drugs or Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) enhances effectiveness and safety by avoiding nearby blood vessels.
         - Radiofrequency Ablation, a nerve-blocking procedure, can prolong treatment effects for long-term pain relief.

Certified Interventional Pain Sonologist

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